Kolan bath wipes: the best travel accessory

Making travel plans sounds very exciting when you think about all the new cultures and activities you will be exposed to. New destinations provide so much to experience and learn from. However, that actual journey to your holiday destination can be very uncomfortable and painful if you’re not well prepared for it. Why? Travelling for long periods can cause muscle and joint pain from being cramped up in small seats. In Addition, air travel may cause ear-ache from the air pressure difference. This discomfort can make you miserable and put you in a bad mood- even before your dream holiday has even begun! Aeroplane temperatures once in the air, are often too warm or too cold. The constant noise can be irritating and the habits of fellow travelers can also spoil your experience. The cherry on the top of this unpleasant experience is a wailing baby that can’t be soothed enough to be silent even for a moment! All of this unpleasantness can certainly be a perfect recipe for a headache! How can we minimise this bad experience to make it more bearable?
  • Air travel is very dehydrating with all the recycled stale air that is pushed through the air vents throughout the flight. Kolan bath wipes can be used to keep your skin fresh and well hydrated.
  • Keep drinking water before you fly and sufficient water during the flight as well to reduce the effects of dehydration.
  • Use the wipes to keep your hands clean before eating and after using the bathroom to keep germ-free and prevent infections.
  • Eating on a moving airplane can be very tricky and challenge the most coordinated person. Use Kolan bath wipes to mop up any spills to keep your clothes from showing any food stains and preventing any smells.
  • Place a cooling wipe on your eyes to soothe your tired eyes and aching head. This should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face your adventures on arrival to your destination.
Kolan bath wipes have numerous uses during your holiday, as well.
  • Are you going on a desert safari and short of running water? Use the wipes to keep your skin feeling clean and fresh; the aloe vera gel will soothe and protect your skin from the sun. You will feel like you’ve just stepped out of a refreshing shower. Remember to keep drinking plenty of water to prevent any dehydration that may cause you to stop enjoying your holiday experience.
The unique wipes are enriched with various elements like olive oil, vitamin E and aloe vera gel, which clean and protect your skin. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The wipes do all this without harming the environment. Kolan is committed to protecting nature and saving it for future generations.
  • If adventurous trekking around in a hot, tropical jungle environment is more up your alley, then look no further than Kolan bath wipes. Use the moist towelette to wipe away the sweat and grime of your exertions and enjoy the full extent of your thrilling experience. Make memories of the adventure rather than with any discomfort from insect bites and scratches you may get as you trek through the jungle. Any insect bite or scratch will be treated with the wipes to ensure quick healing with no chance of infection.
Keep your mind on the flora and fauna in your trek rather than your body odour! All germs that cause body odour are obliterated from just one sweep of the wipe.
  • Camping under the stars may be your ideal holiday adventure. That is possible now with Kolan bath wipes. Keep clean and fresh to take those amazing shots of all the beauty and splendour around you rather than focussing on how distressing feeling unclean can be!
So, remember to pack a few containers of Kolan Bath wipes into your luggage to have them handy for whatever situation you find yourself in! They are lightweight enough to fit comfortably into your bags without increasing the weight of your luggage too much. Each towelette is the perfect size to perform its function without too many swipes. They will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and pleasant-smelling. On a deeper level, the wipes protect your skin from germs and sun damage whilst gently moistening and moisturising. Kolan bath wipes are the perfect holiday accessory you cannot do without!
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