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Kolan Waterless Car Eco Wash Nature’s Toughest Cleaner-700ML

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  • Wipe Your Vehicle’s Surface Without Harm.
  • Save 20 to 50 Gallons Of Water Per Vehicle.
  • Create Long-Lasting Shine And Protection.
  • Car Cleaning Without water
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About Kolan Cleaners

Nature’s Toughest Cleaner, Organic Multi-Enzyme Formula, Chemical Free, Rinse Free. Just Mop & Go. Having Anti-Skid Properties. Biodegradable, non-caustic and non-corrosive. Free of phosphates, ammonia & chlorine. Safe for humans, babies, and pets. Contains no bleach & is non-abrasive. Non-flammable. Soap-free, ph. neutral protects against germs, virus and bacteria. Proprietary Multi Enzyme Formula- Enzymes are proteins and these are excellent biological catalysts.


We at Kolan are continually working to bring natural, organic, EFFECTIVE and environmentally positive daily consumption products to our fellow Indians. In this endeavour, Kolan presents nature’s toughest cleaner -THE POWER OF THE ENZYME. The magic of our organic plant-based multi-enzyme formula provides the SAFEST, most HYGIENIC and most EFFECTIVE daily cleaning solution for your complete household. the unique multienzyme formula derived and perfected in Newzealand brings together various categories of enzymes in a perfect blend which allows a single application to work EFFECTIVELY and destroy all types of organic stains and odours at source thus keeping your home HYGIENIC and safe for your family and pets.


What is the Kolan way?

For Humans, Babies and Pets: When we clean our home with chemicals like ammonia, phosphate, chlorine and bleach, the toxic fumes are inhaled by us, our kids and pets. Exposure to such chemicals can cause allergies and respiratory problems and also impact their immune and neurological development. Kolan’s ph neutral, chemical free, non-toxic cleaners, provide a safe and hygienic solution for all our home cleaning needs as our kids and pets play around on the floor you just cleaned protecting them from disease-carrying Bacteria, Viruses and germs.

For planet: Being 100% Biodegradable and natural, Kolan Plant Based enzyme formula is totally safe for our environment It doesn’t harm the flora and fauna when released out, unlike chemical-laden cleaners instead it keeps working when discharged down the drain, where it continues to break down grease and grime, improving the quality of groundwater. Its eco-positive and has a negligible carbon footprint

Safe for all surfaces: It ’s non-corrosive, the non-abrasive formula is safe to clean all household surfaces and appliances.Kolan’s soap-free formula leaves no residue and does not streak any surface.