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Kolan- No Rinse Floor Cleaner

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Kolan No Rinse Floor Cleaner cleanses shines, disinfects, and kills practically all harmful germs, viruses and bacteria. Expertly removes fats, oils, grease, and grime and eliminates all organic odours at the source. It removes the toughest of stains with minimal effort hence leaving behind a chemical-free sparkling clean floor free from all germs and bacteria. It is also ideal for cleaning grouts, door & window sills, and hardwood floors.

Suitable for – Marble, Granite, Wood, Laminated, Tiles, Mosaic, Linoleum, Stone Floors and Strongly Recommended for Hard Wood Floors.

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  • Nature’s Toughest Cleaner, Organic Multi-Enzyme Formula, Chemical Free, Rinse Free. Just Mop & Go. Having Anti-Skid Properties.
  • Biodegradable, non-caustic and non-corrosive. Free of phosphates, ammonia & chlorine.
  • Safe for humans, babies, and pets. Contains no bleach & is non-abrasive. Non-flammable.
  • Soap-free, ph. neutral protects against germs, virus and bacteria.
  • Proprietary Multi Enzyme Formula- Enzymes are proteins and these are excellent biological catalysts.


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Proprietary Enzyme Formula, Surfactants and Natural Scents.

Directions of use:

• Mix two capsfull (10ml*2) in half a bucket of water (4l).
• Wet the mop and apply to floor leaving a thin film of solution evenly on the whole floor. For best results use new flat microfiber mop. String mop is also effective.
• For best results let it air dry to allow enzymes to work their magic.
• For heavily soiled floors or old stains apply directly without mixing with water, agitate with hard bristle brush and let it air dry.
• Do not mix with any bleach or oxidisers as this will deactivate the enzymes.
• Dispose off down the drains or toilet bowl as enzymes will carry on breaking down organic matter.

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