Trip to Chadar Lake – Surviving the nature

Kolan bath wipes are all about offering you a comfortable waterless hygienic bath on the go. In one of our previous articles, we had explained why Kolan bath wipes are one of the must-have items to carry in your travel kitIn order to put Kolan bath wipes to test we decided to offer a pack of our wipes recently to a team of 20 Trekkers who went on a trip to Chadar Lake Frozen River Trek, Ladakh. Mr. Akarsh Pall from I AM ADVENTURE was also keen & excited to allow all trekkers to carry the pack with them. “Akarsh Pall (one of the 20 Trekkers says) Excellent Product, we used it extensively every 2nd day on our chadar Frozen River Trek Jan 2018. Highly recommended to all travel lovers” The feedback collected from the trekkers highlights the fact that how important & useful the product was during the entire trip. Our pre-moistened wipes were wet & ever ready to use even in -16 degree Celsius. Kolan bath wipes are made of 100% eco-friendly product it offers ecological safe disposal, thus preventing the overburdening of landfills, these natural fibers are recycled into the soil naturally with no negative footprint on the environment. Kolan’s Marketing Manager, “Mr. Umesh Motiani” says “Our 100% biodegradable eco-friendly wipes offer a complete body bath to all the trekkers, hikers & adventure enthusiasts. The wipes are made & designed to survive the toughest climatic conditions. We have been receiving very encouraging feedback about our product & most of the participants of this trek have given positive feedback about our product. Kolan Bath Wipes are an ideal wipe not only for adventurers but it is also very useful in Hospitals, Military, Sports & Other outdoor activities. In Kolan we care for our nature & always thrive to bring products that should have zero harmful impact on the environment. About 62 million tonnes of waste is generated each year in India. Non-bio-degradable wet wipes are the third largest consumer item in landfill sites and represent as much as 30% of all non-biodegradable waste. One can only imagine how many tonnes of waste generation can be controlled by the using Kolan’s100% eco-friendly wipes made from 100% Natural Cellulose Fabric.

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