Kolan baby wipes the safest wipe for your baby

Kolan baby wipes: the safest wipe for your baby.

Do you worry about abrading your baby’s soft, smooth and delicate skin with the regular baby products found in today’s market? Then worry no more– the answer to your problems is Kolan baby wipes.Kolan baby wipes are specifically designed and tested by leading dermatologists to cleanse and gently care for your baby’s fragile skin. The wipes are made from carefully harvested and sustainable natural bamboo fibres using cutting-edge technology-the first of its kind in India!The unique woven bamboo fibre creates a strong fabric that results in a superior quality product. Better than any other baby wipes available on the market today! The exceptional bamboo fibre used in the manufacture of the wipes are the softest and most absorbent natural fibre available in nature.This particular bamboo fibre was carefully and specifically chosen because it exhibits natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, the bamboo fibres are hypoallergenic and exhibit UV protectantproperties. This is especially important in keeping your baby’s sensitive skin free of infection and irritation whilst protecting from the destructive rays of the sun. In keeping with Kolan’s environmentally-friendly philosophy and their other green products, the wipes are totally eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Kolan baby wipes are enriched with olive oil, aloe vera and jojoba oil. These oils serve to carefully moisturise and nourish your baby’s skin whilst providing a thorough and hygienic cleansing. These special oils leave behind a protective layer on the skin to prevent any irritation and to protect the susceptible baby skin from harmful sun damage. Kolan baby wipes are so safe on the thin and sensitive baby skin that adults with particularly problematic and allergy-prone skin can safely use them with no adverse effects. In fact, they will benefit from the protective qualities the wipes have due to their ingredients.

When do you use Kolan baby wipes?

These versatile baby wipes have many practical uses in your busy everyday life as a parent.
  • Babies can be very sweet and adorable but at the same time, they can produce a great unpleasant mess. Use the baby wipes to gently cleanse the baby’s bottom at each diaper change. The unique softness and absorbency of the wipes make them ideal to clean up soiled bottoms.
Just use one or two wipes to guarantee thorough cleansing of the diaper area. Your baby’s private areas will be clean, hygienic and germ-free. This will help prevent the dreaded nappy or diaper rash that many babies develop due to moist, unclean diaper areas.
  • You can use Kolan baby wipes to clean your baby’s soiled little hands and feet or other areas of the body with no concern because the unique ingredients enriched into the wipes will heal, soothe and protect irritated skin.
The oils also form a protective layer on the skin to prevent further injury and irritation.
  • Anyone who has attempted to feed a baby will tell you that feeding time can be a challenge with all babies. Food often ends up everywhere except where it should go! Food can regularly appear in difficult-to-clean areas like in the baby’s skin creases and folds like under the neck, in the ear and down the lap-depending on how entertaining the mealtime was!
Use the Kolan baby wipes to gently and safely clean away all food material from the baby’s soft skin. This will leave your baby clean and fresh smelling again.

Why should you choose Kolan baby wipes?

There are numerous and important benefits when you use Kolan baby wipes.
  • The wipes have been tested extensively by the best dermatologists to ensure only the finest and safest product is created for your precious baby’s sensitive skin.
  • The wipes are manufactured by weaving 100% natural bamboo fibre. The bamboo fibre has numerous unique properties such as being antibacterial and antifungal. The exclusive ingredients contained in the wipes prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on the skin.
Bacteria and fungi like moist and warm areas to grow- and there are many areas on a baby’s body that qualify. The wipes will cleanse these hard to reach areas making it difficult for germs to proliferate. Additionally, the bamboo has displayed hypoallergenic and UV protective characteristics as well. So, it is safe to use on the most sensitive skin and will protect from sun damage.
  • All elements contained in the wipes are extremely safe to dispose of for the environment. This means that the entire wipe is 100% biodegradable. The wipe will decompose quickly and easily into the soil and leave no harmful remnants to hurt the ecosystem in any way.
This is very important in controlling pollution and leaving behind a healthy earth for our future generations to grow up and live in.
  • The wipes contain no harmful alcohol or parabens.
Parabens are a group of chemicals that are used extensively in the cosmetic industry as a preservative. However, scientists have recently found that parabens may be harmful to your health.Kolan baby wipes contain no unsafe ingredients which can harm the skin.
  • The highly absorbent material and the unique combination of exceptional oils eliminate all types of odours. Drooling babies and food in various hidden crevices on the baby’s body will no longer create unpleasant odours. Simply wipe away all unwanted matter with a few gentle swipes of Kolan baby wipes for a sweeter-smelling baby.
Other uses of Kolan baby wipes: Kolan baby wipes are so unique and versatile that they can be used safely in other instances:
  • Use the wipes to clean away any stains. Whether on your clothes or shoes- keep Kolan baby wipes handy to mop up any accidental lunch-time spills.
  • A nifty trick that Kolan baby wipes do is that it eliminates the deodorant mark on your clothes. We’ve all had that moment when we apply deodorant to our favourite outfit only to find an awful stain where the deodorant was applied. A single wipe is all that is needed to have a stain-free garment again.
  • Use Kolan baby wipes in a fingernail emergency. Simply use the wipes to remove any old nail polish from your nails. The ingredients will be beneficial to your nails keeping them looking healthy and shiny- just like that freshly manicured look!
  • Use Kolan Baby wipes to erase permanent marker stains. These versatile wipes will remove any permanent marker from most surfaces.
  • It is shocking the number of germs that are found on our phones these days. This can be dangerous especially in this age of extensive telephone use.
Kolan baby wipes can be useful to safely clean your phone and keep it germ-free preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.
  • Do you have a beloved pet that has grubby paws after a walk outside? Then use Kolan baby wipes to clean away any mud and dirt from your precious puppy’s paws to save your clean floors.
  • Children’s toys are often teeming with all kinds of germs because you often don’t remember to clean them. Use Kolan baby wipes to wipe down any dirty toys and keep them free of bacteria thus preventing the spread of germs.
Kolan baby wipes are an essential item in any household- with or without babies or young children. This multi-purpose wipe has so many benefits and uses. A few are listed above but you are limited only by your imagination. It is safe enough for your baby to use and eco-friendly enough to save our planet for future generations. So, make the best choice today for your children and your future. Use Kolan baby wipes because it is healthy and safe on the most sensitive skin but also healthy and safe for the environment.
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