Decreased Mobility? Use Kolan Bath Wipes to maintain personal hygiene with ease!

Life is fast-paced and unpredictable at the best of times. People are rushing off at super speeds to get everything done. This frenzied pace can come to a grinding halt if you find yourself temporarily immobile due to health issues. This resting period can give your body and mind the time to heal and recover- ready to resume the rat-race again. However, this recuperative period doesn’t have to be a time when you shun your friends and family because you’re unable to maintain a good standard of personal hygiene. Not being able to shower or bath is not a problem when you have other alternatives to keep you fresh and healthy. Use Kolan Bath wipes to keep fresh easily- either by yourself or with help. A bedbath now is no longer challenging because of the easy-to-use bath wipes. The wipes are durable and can be used to safely clean your skin without any irritation. The special ingredients in the wipes will leave your skin smelling fresh and healthy whilst eliminating any bad odours that sweat may produce. Olive oil, vitamin E and aloe vera gel gently soothe and moisturise your skin. They clean the skin without causing any dryness. Dry skin can cause you to scratch your skin, which in turn can lead to broken skin leading to infected scratches. The olive oil, aloe vera and vitamin E combination are great for soothing and preventing skin inflammation. There is a light fragrance of lavender that is left on your cleansed skin after being wiped with Kolan Bath Wipes. This imparts a clean and fresh smell on your skin- just like that of your favourite soap. Naturally-occuring bacteria on the skin can proliferate if left unchecked by cleaning. This, added to the moisture of sweat and exacerbated by immobility, can be the perfect conditions for skin infections and irritations. A powerful antiseptic called chlorhexidine is contained in the wipes to kill off any bacteria that may cause any infections, bad body odours or skin irritations. Kolan bath wipes contain no harmful and drying ingredients like alcohol and parabens. So your sensitive skin is will not dry out and become irritated after cleansing. The size and the thickness of the wipe make them perfect for wiping difficult-to-reach areas around your body. The soft woven bamboo fabric is delicate enough to feel like silk but strong enough to wipe away sweat and body odour without tearing whilst in use. The bamboo fibers used to make the wipes have innate antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are hypoallergenic which means that they will clean the most sensitive skin with no skin irritation. The wipes are dermatologically tested for safe use on sensitive skin to clean and protect with maximum effect. They are safe enough to even use on a baby’s delicate skin. Another bonus advantage to using the bath wipes is that they are 100% biodegradable. They will break down completely after some time once discarded and will not overfill and burden our existing landfills. It is important to remember that immobile people are prone to bedsores if they lie in one position for long periods. You should try to shift positions as often as you can to prevent any bedsores and cramped muscles. Move around with help, depending on how immobile you are, to keep your blood circulating well throughout your body. Bedbaths have never been easier for bedridden patients and the staff assisting with the bathing. The easy-to-use but durable wipes clean the skin leaving you feeling clean, fresh and ready to face the world! So, even though you’re laid up in bed due to illness or injury, you can still feel fresh, clean and healthy by using Kolan Bath Wipes.
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