5 essentials to pack when travelling

5 essentials to pack when travelling

Packing for an adventurous trip can put a damper on anyone’s excitement. The stress of deciding what to include in your packing and what to leave at home is enough stress to give you a headache! Here is our simple guide to all the essentials that should be included in your bags before that exciting trip:

1.Basic toiletries:

  • these will include items like your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash.
  • hairbrush and other hair accessories that are important to keep you looking well groomed and at your best.
  • deodrant to ensure you always smell fresh and clean.
  • hair care products like your shampoo and conditioner.
  • don’t forget to carry your sunblock to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • your prescription glasses, contact lenses and associated eye-care items.
  • any chronic medication with a clear label- you may run out and may need your prescription refilled but also so that airport officials can clearly see that your meds are prescription medicines and not prohibited medications.
  • feminine hygiene products, if required.
  • Kolan bath wipes-these handy wipes are versatile enough for a number of tasks. If you have no access to a shower or bath, all you need is to wipe yourself down with the bath wipes to have that refreshed feeling. Also, there is no need to panic about how to dispose of the wipes- they are 100% biodegradable and will not impact the environment negatively. Stuff a few packs of these lightweight wipes into your main checked luggage but also in your hand luggage to help you keep refreshed during your long journey. They will also mop up any food or beverage spills during your travels.

2.If you’re going to travel with any of your devices ensure:

  • Phone, tablet or laptop and relevant chargers all included in your luggage.
  • Any electric socket converters- do your research to find out what type of electrical socket your destination uses so that you can charge your electrical appliances.
  • Your camera and its accessories. If you’re going to capture all your adventures on your GoPro camera ensure you have sufficient memory available to store all those memory-making activities.

3.Important documents, money and credit cards

  • Valid passport with the relevant visa/s if required.
  • Money- if you’re carrying cash make sure it is stored in a safe place. There are many products available on the market where you can stash your cash secretly. Remember to alert your credit card company that you’re travelling with your card otherwise your card activity in an unfamiliar region may flag as fraudulent activity and the card may be cancelled as a precaution.
  • All travel and health insurance documents for those unexpected events during your adventure.
  • Keep all travel and accommodation reservation confirmations handy in case there is a misunderstanding at your destination.
  • A good practice is to photograph all the contents of your wallet. If you lose your wallet you’ll immediately know which cards have to be cancelled and replaced.
  • Keep a record of all important contact numbers if there is an emergency.

4.Travel comfort items

  • Long distance travel can be hard on the body physically but also mentally. Keep a travel pillow handy to allow for comfortable sleep without straining your neck. Carry small games/ activities to keep your mind from boredom during the long trip.
  • Some people who experience travel sickness benefit from carrying their motion sickness tablets. Others find acupressure wristbands helpful to make travelling bearable.
  • Carry lip balm and a small container of lotion (less than 100ml) in your cabin luggage because air travel can be very dehydrating for your skin and lips. You want to look and feel your best when you get to your destination so that your adventure can begin immediately after you land, without wasting any precious time.

5.Suitable clothing for the Destination

  • Pack clothes that will be suitable for the destination in terms of weather, type of activities you’re going to engage in but also in accordance with the culture of the destination.
  • The best strategy to apply is to layer your clothing. This means take lightweight items that can be layered to achieve more warmth when the weather demands it and vice versa.
  • Walking or hiking shoes that have been broken in will be a great benefit to your feet. Try not to take brand new shoes within case they hurt your feet and cause blisters, and then you’re stuck with shoes that can’t be worn comfortably.
  • Protection against the rain is always a good idea especially if you’re travelling to an area where the rainfall is unpredictable.
Happy and comfortable travels with Kolan Bath wipes!
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