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Kolan Pet Wipes/Grooming Wipes for Dogs, Cats, 60 Count (Pack of 5)

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  • Recommended by veterinarian, pet specific formulation is anti-allergic thus providing protection against fleas and ticks
  • No added alcohol, no added parabens. No rinse, fragrance-free.
  • 100 percent biodegradable fabric. Allows ecologically safe disposal.
  • It ensures complete hygiene for your pets eyes, teeth. Ears, nose, private parts and coat health.
  • Kolan pet wipes provide protections for your household and kids against dirt and bacteria carried home by your beloved pets via dirty paws, muzzles and other body parts.
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Kolan Pack of 5 Pet Wipes is perfect for when you are out and about with your furry little friend. Great for cleaning pet accessories, toys and much more, these multi-purpose wipes are the perfect, convenient solution to keep your pet looking clean and smelling fresh after walks, playtime or a romp in the park.
Kolan completely natural, gentle, effective, hypoallergenic and fragrance and allergen free wet wipes, ensures that your pet is always safe and healthy on the go!

Kolan extra soft, strong and absorbent wipes provide a fast and easy way to efficiently tackle dirty paws, urine accidents, eye discharge, ear wax, allergy-causing dander and daily dirt, grime, odor and excess hair from pets skin and coat. They are ideal for cleaning during and after anal gland expression or surgical procedures.


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