Bath Wipes

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Allows Ecologically Safe Disposal
  • Highly Absorbent 80gsm 3D Embossed Fabric
  • Alcohol, Parabens & Rinse Free
  • Odour Eliminator
  • Dermatologically Tested (Hypoallergenic)
  • Microwavable



Bath Wipes


Keeping an elderly or bed-bound patient due to illness or injury can be a very challenging and messy job. Kolan biodegradable Bath wipes provide a hygienic, time-saving, cost-effective and hassle-free solution for both patient and caregiver. It contains a powerful antiseptic which helps in preventing painful bed sores, redness, skin irritations and eliminates odour by providing a potent antibacterial shield for your skin.
Highly absorbent 80 gsm 3d embossed fabric is perfect for cleaning large areas without any disintegration of the wipes.
Dermatologically tested Alcohol and Paraben free, enriched with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and Vitamin E Kolan Bath Wipes gently cleans, moisturizes and protects also the most sensitive skin. Kolan Bath wipes can even be heated in the microwave for a few seconds before use to give a warm and soothing bath.

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Planning your next adventure trip? Or Travelling to a new destination? Make sure to carry Kolan Bath wipes to stay fresh and clean. Buy Kolan's pack of 3 wipes and open the door to a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.
Our Premium Towel like wipes made of high grade 100% natural cellulose fabric deeply and gently cleanses your skin while removing, sweat, dirt and grime even where access to water is not available.
Mild lavender fragrance helps you to get rid of unwanted odour and refreshes your mind and body in a matter of seconds also enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, olive oil, and vitamin E Kolan Bath wipes gently moisturizes and nourishes your skin in a matter of seconds.
Kolan Bath Wipes are designed for people who like to live life on the go. It can be used to feel fresh after a multitude of adventure activities, mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking, camping, hiking, Backpacking, rafting, skiing or even scuba diving.
They are a must have in your hand carry for long flights and car rides to keep you and your family refreshed and ready on arrival at the destination. Kolan bath wipes are the best companion for all your beach, mountain, desert or jungle holiday trips.

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Just stepped off the tennis court? Have to run back to the office or meeting friends for lunch post a rigorous workout session at the gym? Kolan Bath wipes save your precious time helping you feel refreshed in a matter of seconds. Just stepped off the tennis court? Have to run back to the office or meeting friends for lunch post a rigorous workout session at the gym? Kolan Bath wipes save your precious time helping you feel refreshed in a matter of seconds.
Super soft and absorbent Kolan bath wipes take on sweat, dirt and its associated microbes giving you 100% natural, safe and hygienic cleaning on the go and simple healthy ingredients like aloe vera, olive oil, and olive oil moisturizes and soothes even the most sensitive skin.
Made of natural cellulose fabric, Kolan bath wipes are 100 % biodegradable with no harmful additives like alcohol and parabens used in the blending process, is totally safe for the environment and your family.
Whether you are an Military personnel, firefighter, sports person, fitness enthusiast, frequent flyer or a busy Parent, stock up with Kolan Bath wipes or gift it to your adventurous friends.

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Kolan Bath Wipes

What if we tell you that you can stay fresh, clean & scented even in the most isolated place where you dont have access to single drop of water?

Well, that's a real bad situation to stuck in. That's why we have launched Kolan biodegradable bath wipes which gives you natural waterless bathing, anytime, anywhere, anyplace you want.

What makes us unique

Made From 100% Natural Cellulose Fabric

Carefully extracted special natural wood pulp is used to produce viscose fibres with exceptionally smooth feel and high absorbancy. The fibres are interlaced with a high-pressure water jet to yield viscose spunlace fabric that is strong yet gives luxurious feeling to the skin. The natural origin of the wipe makes it ecologically safe to dispose of and cause no harm to the environment.

Eliminates Bad Body Odors

Dignified quality and mild lavender fragrance offer you an aroma which will help you to get rid of unwanted odor and keeps you fresh for long. And in addition to that its size and aloe-vera and olive oil presence makes Bath wipes a great product, Which not only just cleanses your body but also eliminates the odor and refreshes your body and mind.

Eco Friendly and Easy Disposal

The Kolan bath wipe comprises of 100% natural cellulose fibers. This means that the entire wipe is totally absorbed by the soil over a short time. There are no harmful additives in the blending process to adversely affect the breakdown of the wipe in the environment. Before weaving the cellulose fibers, they are thoroughly cleaned using only safe and natural compounds and processes. Wipes that completely decompose in the soil don’t overburden the landfills or negatively impact the flora and fauna of the area.


The Kolan bath wipes contain a chemical compound called Chlorhexidine Gluconate, which is a powerful antiseptic that is widely used in many skin-care pharmaceutical products. It offers a potent antibacterial shield for your skin preventing skin infections. Chlorhexidine Gluconate is derived from the compound Chlorhexidine, which belongs to the Biguanide family of compounds that exhibit potent antibacterial activity. It works by interfering with the integrity of the bacterial cell wall, which leads to the death of that harmful bacteria cell. This unique antibacterial action is achieved because the positively charged Chlorhexidine Gluconate chemical structure reacts with the negatively charged bacterial cell membrane.

Aloe Vera, Olive Oil & Vitamin E

Kolan bath wipes are enriched with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E. These exceptional ingredients thoroughly cleanse your skin without drying it out. Your skin will feel refreshed and well-moisturized after being wiped with a Kolan bath wipe. Olive oil improves skin health by reducing skin inflammation in a condition such as an acne and psoriasis. It also exhibits anti-aging and superior moisturizing properties. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits for the skin. Some of them are healing inflammation like in cases of sunburn. Vitamin E is the other natural ingredient embedded into the wipes. It is also known as Tocopherol and used widely in many dermatological products for its antioxidant and highly nutritious properties for skin.

Free of Harmful Alcohol, Parabens and Rinse Free

The carefully designed wipes use only natural and wholesome ingredients. Harmful additives like alcohol and Parabens are totally avoided. Other wipes on the market rely heavily on alcohol and Parabens as preservatives and cleansing agents. These only serve to dry out skin and cause skin irritation, blemishes, and discomfort. Kolan bath wipes achieve superior cleansing without compromising sensitive skin.

Allows Ecologically Safe Disposal

Kolan Bath Wipes are fully nature-friendly due to the presence of 100% NATURAL CELLULOSE FABRIC which ensures a safe disposal within a short period of time. Natural cellulose fibers are fibers that are still recognizable as being a part of the original plant because they are only processed as much as needed to clean the fibers for use. Due to its easily decomposable capacity, it never fills the landfills.

Highly Absorbent Fabric (80 GSM)

The weave of the natural cellulose fibers gives the wipe extra thickness and superior quality. Other comparable wipes on the market are between 40 to 60 GSM but Kolan bath wipes are 80 GSM-far exceeding the regular wipes. The extra thickness imparts a luxurious and soft-to-touch feel when you wipe your skin without compromising any of the cleansing properties. The dimensions of the wipes are perfect for thorough cleansing large areas of skin without any disintegration of the wipe. In other words, the wipe will not break up or tear as you’re using it.



Our army personnel spends their life protecting our borders in difficult natural conditions. Our wipes can certainly help them to stay tall & fresh to endure the challenges.


Our wipes are ideal for giving bed bath & effective body cleansing to bed-ridden patients in a hospital or home in a more hygienic way.


After a hard fought game all you need is a shower. We suggest you carry your shower in your own kit.


Going for camping, hiking, trekking or outdoor fun, don't forget to carry kolan bath wipes. You never know when you may need one.

What more can you do with Bath Wipes?

It's not common to run short of water every day! So what else can you do with our bath wipes

  • Bed bath to bed ridden patients
  • Use it as a toilet paper, it cleans better than the traditional ones
  • Cleans the surface of your personal gadgets & accessories
  • Body cooling neck wrap after a rigourous workout
  • Cleans food stains from your clothes



Kolan biodegradable bath wipes are a perfect alternative to your regular water bath. The highly absorbent pre-moistened fabric moisturizes and deodorizes your skin deeply, giving it a long-lasting freshness. These dermatologically tested wipes provide refreshing and hygienic waterless cleaning to the entire body making them your ideal companion where water bath is not possible


Yes, it is 100% safe & suitable for all skin types. If you come across any skin irritation kindly discontinues its usage.


Made from 100% natural cellulose fabric and enriched with Aloe-Vera, Olive Oil &Vitamin E.


Parabens are the group of compounds which are used in cosmetics in the form of preservatives. Research suggests that there may be some possibility of side effects when Parabens come into regular contact with the skin.Our wipes do not contain Parabens thus making our product 100% skin-friendly.


Kolan Bath Wipes are 100% skin-friendly wipes. It is enriched with Aloe-Vera, Olive oil & Vitamin E. These ingredients cleanse &moisturizess your skin thoroughly that makes you feel refreshed & relaxed.

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