Baby Laundry Eco wash

Baby Laundry Eco wash

Rs 295/- (For 700 ml)

Kolan Baby Laundry Eco-Wash is a super gentle yet effective formulation that leaves baby laundry sparkling fresh and clean and kills practically all harmful germs, viruses and bacteria. Expertly removes milk spills and all organic stains including food, spit-up, pee and poop etc while destroying all odour at the source. Kolan plant-based multi-enzyme formula breaks down whatever your baby leaves behind and gently lifts and washes it away.

Ideal for both top and front loading machine and also hand wash. 

Cleans and freshens all natural and manmade fabrics (cotton, wool, silk, polyester, nylon, denim etc)

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Product key features:

  • Chemical free Enzyme formula
  • Safe for humans, babies and pets
  • Non caustic and non corrosive
  • Eco-friendly & Biodegradable
  • eco-friendly wipes Machine
    and colour safe
  • eco-friendly wipes Soap free
    ph neutral
  • eco-friendly wipes Contains no bleach
    & is non abrasive
  • eco-friendly wipes Non toxic
  • eco-friendly wipes Protects against germs
    virus and bacteria
  • eco-friendly wipes Free of phosphates
    ammonia & chlorine

Directions of use:

  • For REGULAR LOAD - Pour three caps full (10ml*3)
  • For HEAVILY SOILED LOAD – Pour five capful (10ml*5)
  • For TOUGH STAINS - Apply directly on the stain, agitate mildly and wash as usual
  • Do not mix with any bleach or oxidisers as this will deactivate the enzymes.
  • Enzymes will act as natural descalers thus improving life and efficiency of the machine
  • As the Eco-wash goes down the drain, the enzymes will carry on breaking down organic matter


  • Proprietary Enzyme Formula, Surfactants and Natural Scents.

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