Kolan Bath Wipes – The latest sensation

Kolan Bath Wipes – The latest sensation

Calling all adventure enthusiasts! Do you enjoy the outdoors but hate the inconvenience of bad body odour and not having a bath or shower handy?

Then Kolan Bath wipes are for you!

These specially designed and dermatologically-tested wipes are enriched with natural ingredients to cleanse and protect your skin. The aloe vera is soothing and great even for sensitive skins while the olive oil and vitamin E protect the skin from the harsh elements.

Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy the outdoors and so will the environment!

Kolan Bath wipes are 100% biodegradable– leaving no trace of your presence in the environment.

You can enjoy the outdoors without compromising your personal hygiene and not feel guilty about negatively impacting the environment.

Just use the pre-moistened wipes to cleanse your skin to feel and smell like you’ve just stepped out of a refreshing shower. This unique water-less cleansing system is gentle and hygienic on your skin.

So now camping for a few nights out in the open has no personal hygiene obstacle. Simply pack all your essentials into your rucksack for your adventure but be sure to include Kolan Bath wipes.

Discarding these wipes once they’ve been used is easy. Once they reach the refuse landfill through the normal refuse collection process, they will completely breakdown and become a part of the soil.

Unlike many plastic-based products that end up choking animals, obstructing normal vegetation growth and negatively affecting the ecosystem, Kolan bath wipes are carefully engineered to break down completely and be absorbed into the soil.

No more stress about that stray wipe that blew away from your hand into the wind.

These wipes are carefully designed to be 100% biodegradable. This means that no part of the wipe remains intact in the environment after discarding.

All components-from the material from which it is made to the ingredients used in cleansing the skin-are all completely broken down over a short time and incorporated into the soil.

There are many scenarios in which to use Kolan Bath wipes whilst on your travels.

Travelling to your dream destination could take many hours and cross many timelines using trains, planes or ships. But you can keep your skin clean and refreshed anytime you wish. Just use the wipes to cleanse your face and neck anytime, anyplace. For more intimate cleansing, you can slip into a communal bathroom, cleanse and step out restored and invigorated.

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