Multi-Enzyme Formula

Sustainable source as enzymes are provided by nature and are inexhaustible.


Complete Protection

Provides long lasting hygiene as the enzymes keep functioning till about 24 hours of application.

Safe for All

Completely safe for all humans, babies and pets. Ph neutral and non toxic.

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Customers Reviews

I was looking for a good bathroom cleaner on amazon and came across this product , I have bought this product coz it says eco friendly and I thought to give it a try.
Niyati Khurana
I just retrieveda bathroom bucket and a stool which I was just about to throw away and that is what prompted me to write this review. Regular cleaning products had no effect on the stains. I have tried this product on tiles, floor, in my kitchen and I am satisfied.
Mike Sendler
I have been using this product only for the last 2 weeks. Found it very useful to remove the hard stains on taps & sanitary fittings. Also, found it effective in removing the grime in the corners in bathroom. Definitely a great product & best value for money.
Aishwarya Pendharkar

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